From Route 3 in Meredith, NH take route 25 east (10 miles) to Moultonboro, NH 03254. From route 16 in West Ossipee, NH take Route 25 west (15 miles) to Moultonboro, NH 03254. Once in Moultonboro, route 25 is known as Whittier Highway. Berry Pond is located opposite #1060 Whittier Highway and beside the Moultonboro Public Safety Building. Lee Pond is located by #150 Blake Road, which is located beside the Moultonboro Central School.



2 Responses to Directions

  1. Bob says:

    Why don’t you post a schedule of events? I’ve wanted to watch the races for years but I can never find out when you hold them. It seems to simple to post them here, why don’t you?


    • lrirc says:

      On the bottom of every page on this website it says that we race every Sunday January thru March weather and ice permitting as well as location, time and admission price. The ‘club info’ page has a similar sentence in it.
      We don’t have a “schedule” like summer race tracks because we never know how much ice we’ll get and how many times we will be able to race, we can only say that we plan on racing Sunday’s at noon, usually Saturday night or early Sunday morning we check the ice and post on the home page here and on Facebook that we are racing (or not if the ice isn’t good enough)


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